TY cash and carry containers Ltd

United Kingdom

tycashandcarrycontainersltd.com is a scam website.

Please do not buy any containers from TY Cash and Carry Containers Ltd. this is a scam website and they have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container. They will simply do a runner with your money.

First reported November 2021

This site appears to be targeted at US customers, but its been reported to us that this is being pushed on Facebook marketplace to UK customers as well.

We have not yet had any victim report in, the reasons we are calling this site out as a scam site is as follows:

  • Site was only registered very recently, very common for scammers.
  • Images used on the website appear to all be stock images with no content of their own
  • Some of the descriptions of products are inaccurate, anyone who knows shipping containers would spot these errors very easily.
  • The site has links to social media pages, but if you click these links they don’t take you anywhere (also common with a lot of recent scam sites. they don’t have the time to invest in a good quality social media history!)
  • Site layout and code appears to be near identical to other recent scam sites.
  • A similarly named legitimate company (TY Cash and carry ltd) does exist, but they do not sell shipping containers. Another common feature for recent scam websites. Please do not confuse this report with the legitimate company that does not sell shipping containers.

This website appears to be a close copy of other scam website we have seen recently, and the sales approach appears to be identical as well.

You will often find an advert on Facebook marketplace, gumtree or perhaps some other online marketplace.  this will be listed by an individual and offer an extremely good price (normally too good to be true)

If you make contact, the ‘seller’ will take your number and say someone else will call you back. They may say this is their partner or similar. In reality they are passing your number onto the scammers.

The scammers will then get in touch with you and offer formal looking quotes for your container, and they will have a good looking website like this one to help them look legitimate.

If they send you an invoice for payment, they will often ask you to pay into a private individuals bank account, and company and tax registration information may be stolen from a differently named legitimate company (often they steel details from a very similar sounding company, in this example we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the legitimate TY Cash and Carry named above)

Please do not send any payment to tycashandcarrycontianersltd.com this is a scam website and they have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

If you have been stung please get in touch to let us know.  Please report this to the police (in the UK you can also report this to action fraud). We cannot report crimes on behalf of victims.