Ebonkieportablessupply.com | Ebonkie Portables

Australia, United Kingdom

Ebonkieportablessupply.com AKA Ebonkie Portables is a scam website and should not be trusted. please do not send any payments to Ebonkie portables.

This appears to be a clone of Uk based container trader Portable space, with code and contents copied.

The obvious sign when comparing the 2 sites, if you clock on the reviews on the portable space website, you go through to portable space’s Fefo reviews (on the Fefo website), if you click on the same logo on the Ebonkie Portables website it goes to their own in house review page.

Images and a lot of content have been directly copied with the company name changed.

We have seen other cloned websites before and we are assuming this is not the same set of scammers we feel we are usually tracking. For this reason we have are interested to hear from anyone who has had any customer interactions with ebonkie portables to understand how you came across them, and their customer process in terms of emails, weather they answer the phone or make you leave a message every time, and the presentation of their invoices.

We also don’t’ know what territories they are targeting at this time, weather its UK, Australia or European, and we cannot advice on the likley process you had as a customer with regards to the ‘sales process’

If you have any further information on this Ebonkie Portables website please contact us so we can update our advise on this page to help other potential victims.  Other scam sites are currently advertising on Facebook marketplace, gumtree and other online marketplaces rather then replying on google listings or google ads, but we cannot confirm of Ebonkie Portabels website is doing the same or not at this time.

Please do not send any payments to Ebonkieportablessupply.com AKA Ebonkie Portables as we are sure this is a scam website and even if not, why would they clone the website of an established container trading firm? (portable space have confirmed that this cloned website is nothing to do with them)