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United Kingdom is a scam website. Please do not send any payments to

First reported October 2021

We have a report in that someone has been scrammed by containers convert, but on checking we are sure this is a scam website. The following indicators have given us enough information to show us that is a new scam website:

  • The text from their store policy page is taken from this website – they don’t’ even cut the name out from the site they have taken the text from
  • The image on the same page is taken from a Contianerexchange twitter post that you can see here:
  • Social media links on the site do not lead to a company page (they lead to social media pages, Wix is a webiste that allows people to build websites)
  • The logo is a copy of contianercontianer’s logo:
  • Some links on the website lead back to and Cleveland containers¬† have confirmed this site is nothing to do with them.
  • The site was 1st registered late September 2021.
  • Prices on the website are unrealistically low.

Containers covert ( is a scam website, they will take you money and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

If you have sent a payment to, please report this to the police and / or action fraud as soon as possible. We cannot report crimes on anyone’s behalf.

If you have come across containers convert website, chances are you found an advert on Facebook marketplace, gumtree or another online marketplace for classified adverts. As we understand it the scammers employ people who believe they are doing marketing for legitimate firms in posting adverts to these marketplaces. once you get in touch they will ask to take your phone number and they get paid for passing this onto the scammers.

The scammers will then call and they will back up any conversions with professional looking emails and where appropriate professional looking invoices.

Chances are if you ever call them you will l get through to a voicemail message and then they will call you back shortly after you leave a message,. this is to allow them to screen out calls from angry victims.

If you have been scammed and are happy to share any information, we are keen to see copies of any invoices they have sent to you with the written instructions showing the bank account details that they have asked you to pay into. If you are happy to share your crime reference number we will also take this to collate with others to try and help authorities tie together these crimes’.

Once again please do not send any payments to it is a scam website and they will not supply you with a shipping container.