| Global Shipping Container

United Kingdom is a scam website and you should not send them any money. will take your money and have no intention of providing you with a shipping container.

This post related to only and should not be confused with similar sounding legitimate firms. In this case we know of global shipping containers Ltd trading in Manchester UK with website these 2 websites are not related. It is very common for the scammers to choose a name very close to a legitimate company to help confuse things.

If you have been scammed by global shipping container, please repot this to the police and / action fraud ASAP.  We cannot report crimes on behalf of other victims.

At this time we have had no victim report in, however we know the following which is enough to convince us that is a scam website.

  • The ‘about’ us page text is a word for word copy of the about us page on, with the founders name and the name ‘portable space’ removed. (portable space is a long established container trading firm)
  • Global Shipping Containers (with the website listed above) has been operating in the UK for some years. This new website is not anything to do with the established legitimate firm.  (Confirmed by them)
  • The address is fake, the address listed on their website is for an industrial estate in Southampton that is home to 2 container yards, but no container trading business of this name operates from this estate. Confirmed to us by the 2 yards on that estate.  This is a common feature of recent scam sites.
  • The website was registered recently, but the website claims they have been trading for a very long time (another common feature for recent scam sites)
  • The site has social media links that do not lead to any social media pages. another common feature of recent scam sites.

If you have been scammed, or even if you have engaged with them and found us before loosing any money: We would be very interested to get copies of any invoice they have sent out to you, including the bank details they have asked you to pay into, and any crime reference number you may have (if applicable). Please contact us if you are happy to share any information here, or even if not happy to send forward this info, we are still keen to know so we can get an idea of the numbers and scale of these crimes.