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United Kingdom is a scam container website. Please do not send any payments for shipping containers to this outfit as they are scammers and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

This post only relates to and should not be confused with other similar company names, any similar names are probably long standing legitimate firms, notably the major (and perfectly legitimate) firm ‘Kingscote Rojay Limited’ AKA ‘KRL’ a well established freight forwarding firm that has a number of offices across the UK and worldwide

Whilst we have not had any victim reports in yet we are confident this is a scam website for the following reasons that match the scammers general MO very closely.

  • The website team image is stolen from, see here¬†
  • The website is very young, yet they claim to have been trading since 2009, very common with these scam websites.
  • The are advertising containers on Facebook marketplace and their own website well below cost price for a legitimate firm.
  • The site has social media links, but these links don’t lead to any social media pages for the company as you may expect them to.¬† This has been a regular feature on the scammers most recent sites.

If you have been scrammed by, please report this to the police and / or action fraud ASAP. We cannot report crimes on behalf of victims.

If you are happy to share info with us we would be very interested to see any copies of invoices have sent to you, which usually have the bank details they want you to pay into on this invoice. (otherwise we are also interested to see any written communications, eg emails with these bank details on), as well as your crime reference number. We collate this info in the hope we can help the police tie up these related cases into one investigation.