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Portablestorages.co.uk is a scam site

Portable Storages is a scam container website and should not be trusted. Please do not send any payments to portable storages.

This post only relates to portablestorages.co.uk and no other similar websites and this shoudl not be confused with legitimate companies with similar names. The scammers will often try to use a similar name to legitimate firms to help look legitimate and to help them trade off someone else’s reputation.

This is a very similar MO to previous sites. this time they appear to have lifted the reviews and some content from Containers Direct, a legitimate container trader in Liverpool.

Chances are if dealing with them, you found an advert on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace  advertising shipping containers at very attractive prices. If you spoke to them you were likley referred or directed to this website, or if dealing via Facebook the person posting the advert likley took your number and passed it onto the scammers who will call you back.

If you call you will always get through to an answerphone and leave a a message and they will call you back promptly. This is to allow the scammers to screen out calls from angry victims.

As always please refer to our general advise pages if you want to do additional checks on any container company before sending any payments.

If you have been scammed by portablestorages website please report this to the police and / or action fraud as soon as possible.

If you are happy to share any information, we woudl like to take your crime reference number as well as any invoices they send, and any info in writing (including via email) on the bank accounts they asked you to pay into.

Please be advised we cannot report crimes on behalf of victims.