Taylor Shippings | Taylorshippings.co.uk

United Kingdom

Taylorshippings.co.uk is a scam website and should be avoided.

First reported August 2021

This report only relates to taylorshippings.co.uk and does not relate to other websites with similar names. The scammers will usually use very similar names to legitimate firms.

The standard way the scammers operate has not significantly changed. Chances are you found them on Facebook marketplace and responded to an advert for a very cheap shipping container.

We note that a lot of the accounts posting adverts online believe they are ‘working from home’ for a legitimate company.

Once you respond to an advert on Facebook marketplace which is probably already offering an excellent price, the poster will take your number and pass this onto the scammers. it may be a comment like ‘its my partners container can i take your number’

You will then be approached by that seems to be a legitimate company, taylor shippings, with professional looking quotes and a website.

We note the content for the reviews has been lifted / stolen from a legitimate traders site, we also note the dates of these reviews are mostly much older then when this website domain was first registered. its usually quite common that the scammers will copy text from legitimate websites.

its also very likley that if you receive an invoice, that the bank account you will be asked to pay is not in the name of taylor shippings and is quite probably a personal bank account.
please do not send any money to tayloirshippings, they will take your money and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

If you have been scammed, please report this to the police and / or action fraud ASAP. We cannot report crimes on other peoples behalf.

We would be very interested to see copies of any invoices you have been sent showing the bank accounts that they have asked you to pay into, as well as recording any crime reference number you may have so we can pass this onto the authorities and hopefulyl help them link together crimes if they get in touch.