New Shipping Home is a scam website

United Kingdom is a scam website. Do not long into your eBay account from this site.

First reported August 2021 is a scam website that will try and collect your eBay login details. do not log into eBay or send money to this website or eBay after clicking on links from this website.

Do not buy a shipping container via, we assume this site is very dangerous.

This is a seemingly new and elaborate scam website.

If you visit the site you will see a lot of pictures of shipping containers and related products supposedly listed for sale. if you click on sitemap there are also a large number of links.

if you click on any of these links you appear to go through to an eBay page selling that item. this website is designed to collect your eBay login details. We have been advised by the person reporting this scam that the victim probably wont’ realise this has happened, and report the real world vendor on eBay for not delivering the goods.

Chances are on investigation it will be clear the money never made it to the original vendor.

As this is a new scam and as we are not experts on eBay scams (this approach is new to us) we cannot be sure of any details, and if you have been stung by this scam we woudl like to hear from you to confirm what happened and any information on how so we can best help others finding this post.

This has been reported to eBay.

If you have been taken by this scam, please report it to the police and / or action fraud.

They seem to have ripped off / cloned almost every shipping container related advert from eBay globally. There are adverts from the UK, USA and other locations on the site.  This is a scam directed more at eBay rater then individual shipping container traders, but has the potential to do a lot of harm to victims.