Fosker Limited Shipping Container sales website is a scam

United Kingdom is a scam website. with the name Fosker limited or Foskers (sales) is a scam website. We assume this is the latest website from the same group of scammers.

They are using stolen content on their website taken from unconnected legitimate firms. The scammers are clearly getting lazy here! We don’t yet have any victim reports in but we assume the standard MO will follow recent similar scam websites.

You will find them, perhaps via Facebook marketplace where people list shipping containers for sale at very cheap prices. they may also get victims visit their site via google PPC (sponsored search links)

If you ask for a quote, you will receive a very attractive price, one thats way better than any legitimate firm will offer. Potentially with free delivery.

If you call, victims report they always get through to a voicemail and someone then calls them straight back. this is to help them screen calls out from angry victims.

You will receive professional looking quotes and invoices usually via legimate looking emails. Often the company and VAT registration information will be taken from a similar sounding company. They are very good at behaving like a legitimate firm, although some victims report some phrases and words used that may suggest the scammers are not in the UK (we are stopping short of saying what details have been given as we are pretty sure the scammers will read this as well!)

Foskers Containers or Foskers Limited is a scam website

This only relates to the website listed at the top of this page and other similar legitimate firms and website are likley to be in operation.

If you have been stung by foskers please report this to the police and action fraud ASAP.  if you are happy to share details of the invoice they sent you and the written instruction for the bank accounts they have asked you to use, we are keeping a record on this in the hope that we can help the authorities tie these scams together.