Container freight Services

United Kingdom is a scam website and they will take your money and have no expectation of supplying a shipping container. Please avoid and do not send them any cash.

This only relates to the above website, similar sounding legitimate firms are in operation such as Freight container services (Newark) ltd  with website and which we don’t know about but have no reports in from.

Its very common for the scammers to try and use similar sounding names to legitimate firms to help them look legitimate for people who do detailed checks before sending payment.

We believe this website has now been taken down (July 2021)

Their standard MO is very similar to all the other scams listed on this site and we assume this is the latest version of the same group of scammers sites. You will likley find them on Facebook marketplace, or perhaps via google paid links (the advert links at the top of any search result), you will not find them in the natural search results and if you do a WHOIS search on the website yo will see its very young.

You will approach them for a quote and receive professional looking quotes and invoices back, with prices that are better than any legitimate firm can offer, potentially including free or very cheap delivery.

We have seen that the scammers are issuing invoices with the VAT number taken from legitimate firm Freight Container services (Newark) ltd.

If you have sent any payments to this company, please report it to the police and / or action fraud ASAP.  We cannot report crimes on your behalf

If you are happy to share details of the invoices you have been sent and any written advice on the bank account they have asked you to pay into, we will hold onto this to hopefully help with authorities investigations?