Castle Containers

United Kingdom

Castle Containers

Castle Containers is the latest name being used by scammers, who are generally finding most new enquiries via Facebook marketplace.

Please do not send any payments to castle containers, they have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

This post relates only to and it may be that similar sounding legitimate firms are in operation elsewhere in the world.

The standard ‘MO’ for this scam:

  • You will respond to a Facebook marketplace advert showing a cheap shipping container on offer.
  • You contact the poster, who takes your mobile number to pass onto he scammers (the posters we believe don’t know they are working for scammers and think they are being paid as a ‘work from home’ job)
  • The scammers call you and say they are from a real company, in this case Castle Containers (but the scammers will switch names regularly)
  • If you ever call you will only get through to a voicemail, and they will call you back. this allows the scammers to screen calls out from victims.
  • They have a professional looking website, company reg and vat reg info may also check out if you look them up (but they may also return a very similar sounding name that looks legitimate, but is stolen from a similar sounding company)
  • But the website will be very young, the address on the website will usually be fake, leading to a residential address where no business is registered. (in this case an industrial estate address is listed, but no offices or yard for castle containers in on that estate)
  • They will also have no social media pages or history.
  • They may have a small number of (fake) reviews.
  • You will get a price that’s a lot more competitive than a genuine firm can offer. If you reply to book they will send you a genuine looking invoice with their bank details on
  • Many contacts report the bank checks done by their bank return different account names to the ones given, but not always.

If you have approached castle containers, please do not send them any money. If you have made a payment please report this to the police and / or action fraud ASAP. We cannot report crimes on behalf of victims.