South Coast Containers

United Kingdom

South Coast Containers is a scam website. is a scam website and you should not send them any money. They have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

First spotted February 2021

This post only related to and is not relating to any other similar sounding company name or website. Often the scammers try and spoof a legitimate company operating in another country. with a very similar sounding name which makes them look more legitimate.

We assume if like recent scams that you will likley find an advert through Facebook marketplace for a cheap shipping container. You get in touch, the person posting the advert has a genuine looking profile, and takes your contact number to pass onto someone else. They will often say its their partner or similar but in reality you are being passed onto the scammers.

These advert posters are being duped themselves, they will have responded to gumtree adverts for ‘work from home’ jobs and are being paid for every phone number they pass onto the scammers (in reality plenty of the posters we have spoken to have not been paid either)

The scammers contact you, issue formal looking quotes and invoices from genuine looking email addresses.  You will find if you call them that you always get through to a voicemail message, and the scammers then call you straight back, this allows them to screen calls from  victims.

It could also be that you click on paid advert links from google searches but the scammers seem to have stopped this in recent months and now seem to concentrate if finding victims via Facebook marketplace.

Once you send payment they have no intention of providing you with a shipping container. please do not send any payments to south coast containers. If you have been scammed by south coast containers, please report this to the police and action fraud ASAP (we cannot report crimes on behalf of other people), please also let us know via the contact form on our website. we woudl be very interested to get copies of any invoices they have sent you showing the bank accounts they woudl like you to pay into.

We have evidence that this website is linked to the previous complete containers  scam website which has just been taken down.