Newcastle Self Storage Shipping Containers

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Newcastle Self storage

Scammers are using the name of the legitimate company Newcastle Self storage when sending out fake invoices. You can see the notice on the legitimate companies website here:

We assume if like previous scams that you contact someone via Facebook marketplace, they are advertising a cheap shipping container for sale.

They take your contact details and pass your contact number onto one of the real scammers.

The real scammers get in touch and offer you a quote for a shipping container that is a lot cheaper than any legitimate company can offer, they will then issue you with a fake invoice using the real company name, address and possibly registration numbers for Newcastle Self Storage, but payment will go to the scammers bank account and not the legitimate company.

If you ever call these scammers, you will only ever get through to a voicemail, and they will always call you straight back. this allows them to screen calls out from angry victims.

The people posting onto Facebook marketplace we believe are also victims, they have applied via gumtree adverts for ‘work from home’ jobs and many of these people posting adverts that we have spoken to have also not been paid.

We strongly suspect that this is the latest iteration of the ongoing Facebook marketplace cams that have been circulating for the past few months.  More info in our Facebook marketplace scams post.

We suspect this is a temporary name change whilst the scammers set up a new website.

Please do not send any money to Newcastle Self Storage for the purchase of shipping containers, or if in doubt please contact the company linked at the top of this article in advance to check this before sending payment.

If you have been scrammed please report this to the police and / or action fraud.

We woudl also like it very much if you let us know of your experience. we woudl also very much like to see copies of any invoices they have sent you detailing the bank account details they are asking you to pay.