Complete Containers

United Kingdom

Complete Containers / is a scam website

Complete Containers is a scam website. Please do not send any payments to complete containers.

First spotted Jan 2021

This post only relates to operating in the UK the scammers will often try and spoof the name from a legitimate company operating elsewhere in the world. In this case we assume they are spoofing, a website offering containers for sale in the USA.

This also means that posts like ours may be less visible if doing a search for the company name.

We have not yet had any victims report in for this but this has been advised by an industry contact, and complete containers appear to be offering prices at less than half the market price, with free delivery.

Complete Containers Scam process

The typical setup for these scammers we assume hasn’t changed and will run similar to the following

  • you call or email for a quote. if you call you will only ever reach an answerphone. this is to allow the scammers to screen your call out once you are an angry victim.
  • You receive a professional looking quote via email with a price that’s much better than any legitimate firm can offer.
  • If you book a container with them, they will send you a formal looking invoice that looks legitimate. the company and VAT registration number may be taken from a similar sounding legitimate company. (this means you may decide they are legitimate if you are wise enough to do a search on the company or VAT number to check them out)  they will ask you to pay into their bank account, the bank details are usually listed on the invoice.
  • If you send payment they will not supply you with a shipping container, and if you call or email to chase them up about your delivery they will simply not call you back and ignore your emails.
  • The address is fake, there is no office for complete containers at this address.

Have you been scrammed by Complete Containers ?

If you have been scammed by complete containers please report this to the police and / or action fraud. Please also let us know via the contact pages. We are very keen to hear from victims and we woudl like to ask for you to send in copies of the invoice they sent you that we can keep on file and hopefully pass to the police if we can get them to take these individual scams on as a related case.

We cannot report crimes on your behalf.

Please do not blame yourselves, tis is a very sophisticated scam and they are getting very good at this. many individuals, businesses and other organisations such as charities have been taken in the past.