Dorchester Containers

United Kingdom is a scam website is a scam website and you should avoid sending them any payments whatsoever.

They appear to mainly be recruiting people to post on Facebook marketplace for them, you respond to an advert for a cheap shipping container, and the person posting the advert will then pass you onto the scammers.

We believe the people posting on Facebook don’t know they are involved with the scam. people usually ad posts for a few weeks, and then stop (presumably when scam victims start chasing them for their missing containers)

If you speak to the scammers at Dorchester containers, you will likley receive a formal looking quote, slightly or significantly better than a genuine market price, and if you request the order you will be sent a formal looking invoice with payment details.

typically brand new 20ft containers are being offered at around £700-750 + VAT each, and new 40ft containers at around 1400 each. this is considerably less than market value and considerably less than even used containers of the same size are being advertised for. This shoudl ideally stand out to a wise shopper as ‘too good to be true’ but for those unfamiliar with shipping container prices and the marketplace in general may be quite honestly be hooked in.

The invoice will have company and VAT registration information on it, we suspect they have lifted or stolen these details from a legitimate self storage yard in the area which does not sell shipping containers.

we believe numerous people are being strung every day from this scam.

They are also sending out emails with ‘special Christmas clearance offers’ and similar

Please avoid Dorchester containers and do not send them any payments under any circumstances, you are extremely unlikely to ever see your money back even if you believe you are protected.

If you have ben scammed by Dorchester containers

Please report this to the police and / or action fraud at your earliest opportunity. we cannot report crimes on behalf of victims.

We would like to ask if you can forward copies of any invoices and written instructions with bank details that the scammers have issued. We will keep these on file to forward to the authorities if they get in touch with us.