Acqua Shipping Containers

United Kingdom

Acqua Shipping Containers is a scam website and should not be trusted. Please do not send any payments to

First reported November 2021,

This site has been reported to us for approaching traders trying to re-sell shipping containers to the container trading firms. They spotted the signs of this being a scam early on and reported it to us.

Looking at the website it has the same signatures of most of the other scam sites we have been reporting recently.

  • Blocks of content have been taken from other websites, including a block of text taken from Absolute Containers based in South Africa on their about us page.
  • The website was first registered August 2021 but they have been trading since 2008.
  • The address does not lead to an office
  • Photos used on the website are either stock images, or are stolen from other legitimate traders (google image search will lead back to the original site posting any images)
  • They have a Facebook page, not linked from their website. this Facebook page was created at about the same time as their website, had a load of content added over a few days and then nothing since. Quality of posts is pretty poor suggesting this was done in a rush.
  • The Facebook posts suggest the person posting doesn’t know very much about shipping containers.

Please do not send any payments to Acqua shipping containers. this is a scam website and they have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

This site is near identical to a a large number of other similar scam sites we have seen recently. As we have no victim reports in yet we cannot be sure of the process involved here, but other scam sites have usually advertised via private individuals on Facebook marketplace and other online marketplaces such as gumtree.

You approach the individual posting the advert. They will take your contact number and pass this onto the scammers who will then get in touch. The scammers will issues formal looking quotes and invoices and may copy company registration information from other legitimate companies.

Please do not send any payments to Acqua shipping containers. This is a scam website and shoudl not be trusted.