Clear Canopy Solutions

United Kingdom

Clear canopy solutions website, is a scam website and should not be trusted

We are aware of a legitimate registered firm by the same name. This post only referrers to the website and no other websites or companies with the same or similar names. its very common for the scammers to use a legitimate company name, or a very similar sounding one. They can also recycle names in future so if you are viewing this a long time ahead of when it was published a similar scam site name may have surfaced.

We were alerted to this website by a customer, who was being offered a flat pack container at an unbelievably good price. In their own words ‘it seems too good to be true’

Checking with your container trading contacts it is apparent no such type or size of flat pack container exists.

When challenged by the customer about this, they never called back and appeared to block his number. Generally we already know that the scammers never answer the phone but will always let a call go to voicemail. This allows them to screen out calls from angry victims.

Added to this there are a number of signs consistent with the scammers standard approach. the website is very young, 1st registered a few weeks ago and there are many similarities in the website build and code to their normal setup.

They also make a number of comments about their products for sale which are very inaccurate and someone who knows the products well would not have such big errors on their site. We’re not going to go into detail on what these were as we believe the scammers will be checking this report as well.

We also note the company reg number listed on their website is not searchable on the UK government website.

Please do not trust Clear Canopy Solutions Ltd website listed above. We believe its a scam site and they will have no intention of supplying you with a canopy or other related products.