Steel Box Express

United Kingdom is a scam website

They have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

This site is currently Offline

First Spotted July 2019, Taken down we believe July or August 2019

This post only relates to this one UK website. These scammers will often poach a name from a container trader elsewhere in the world to help disguise the scam.

Steel box express is the latest version of the same scam reported on other posts in this website. The standard MO for all of these scams is as follows (or very similar to).

You call, you probably won’t get through immediately, you will get through to an voicemail and if you leave a message they will usually call straight back. This is presumably to help them screen calls from angry victims.

The price you get will be significantly better than any legitimate trader can offer, usually a couple of hundred pounds saving, often with free delivery included.

They will send you a formal looking invoice. From previous scams the company reg and / or VAT number are probably stolen from a legitimate business with a similar name. The legitimate bushiness who has had their company reg details stolen will usually have no connection with the shipping container industry.

The address listed on their website appears to be a residential address, and whilst in the town of Felixstowe it is not listed at any of the addresses used by the port or by fright operators or the container industry in general in the area.

The website has the same code in it that every other scam website reported here has, suggesting the same UK based web design firm is involved. This re-assures us even without having reports in from victims that this is a scam website. (its also has the same design and layout, and they have used a lot of the same images as used in previous scam websites)

Do not buy shipping containers from Steel Box Express

If you have been in contact please do not send them any money. Even if its a legitimate looking UK bank account (these scammers appear to be able to set up UK bank accounts and use these accounts as ‘funnels’ to move the money on immediately.  We assume they are exploiting a weakness in the banking systems processes when setting up a business account (i.e. the banks are not performing proper checks on their clients before setting up the business account).

If you have been scammed, please report this to Action fraud, and / or the police. We cannot report a crime on your behalf.

Please feel free to let us know, we are collating information on these scammers as we go and would appreciate any info you may have.