Alpha Containers

United Kingdom

Alpha Containers ( is a scam website

This site is currently: Inactive. Taken down we believe July or August 2019 

First spotted June 2019, this Alpha Containers website looks like the latest clone from the same set of scammers that have produced these other scam websites. We have not yet received any reports from victims but we assume the scammers will follow their standard ‘MO’.

Not to be confused with Alpha Containers or Alpha Container Industries in Pakistan. The Pakistan based operation we believe is a legitimate outfit and the scammers pinched their name. (we have had not dealing with Alpha Containers Pakistan so we cannot verify who they are either way)

Firstly, it is important to mention that Alpha Containers appear to be using the address of a similarly named chartered accountants, and we expect that they will probably use the company reg and perhaps VAT reg number for this company on their scam invoices. This is an attempt to try and get around customers who may check a company reg number before sending payment. Please see more info on this in our general advice section.

What will usually happen, is that you will call or fill in the form on their website requesting a price. If you call we understand from previous victims that you will nearly always reach an answer machine and they will then call you back very promptly. This we assume is so they can screen out the calls they don’t want to answer.

You will then receive an extremely competitive quote by return. This often includes free delivery. This will usually be be a better price than any legitimate trader can afford to offer.

If you order from Alpha Containers you will receive a very professional looking invoice as well as payment instructions which will involve a bank transfer to their account. This is probably still a UK account, but it may be a high street bank or a very suspect payment provider – we have seen both in the past. If you send payment over you will be promised a delivery date but they have no intention of ever supplying you with a shipping container.

If you have been scammed, please report this to action fraud and / or the police. You are very welcome to let us know as well and we are collating a file for the authorities in the hope that this can help future convictions. We cannot lodge crime reports on your behalf.