Speedy Containers

United Kingdom

Speedy Containers (speedycontainers.co.uk)  is a scam website

First spotted June 2019.  This website is currently active.

We believe this website is related to the other scams listed on our website. They will take your money and have no intention of providing you with a shipping container.

Their company contact page lists their company as speedy one limited, a quick google search shows that this company trades as Speedy Fasteners and this company sells motorbike parts. This company is not involved with shipping container sales.

We believe Speedy Containers have made their website name look very similar to the legitimate company name to make it look like a genuine sale for those customers wise enough to check company reg numbers before sending payments over.

At the time of posting, we have not yet been contacted by any victims from this site. However, there are a lot of indicators to us that this is the following the same MO as previous scams.

You will often call for a price and always get straight through to an answerphone (presumably so they can screen all calls). You will receive a professional looking quote that’s approx 10-15% better than other legitimate outfits. often including free delivery.

If you proceed you will also receive a professional looking invoice. we believe this invoice will have other peoples company reg and vat reg numbers showing.

If you have been stung, please report this to the police and / or action fraud.

We are also collating a file of evidence ourselves should this be any use in future to help the authorities tie together different cases. We are especially interested to see any invoices, any written instructions and the bank details they ask you to pay into, and of course any other evidence that you may come across that can help us track and identify these scammers.

We cannot make crime reports on your behalf.

Finally, if you have been stung we understand this is a very difficult situation. Please do not blame yourself here. These are professional scam artists and this is the near 20th version of their scam. They get better at it every time and they are seemingly very good at what they do.

Update July 2018, we have now been contacted by multiple victims of this scam.