Cargo Box UK is a scam website

Status: Website currently blocked. (but we often see a very similar site name pop back up so please take care!) 

First spotted April 2019, this is the latest iteration of scam website from (we believe) the same fraudsters behind other recent scam websites.

Typically they will take you money and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

At the time of posting we have only just spotted this website and we do not know if they have changed their process for the scam. Previous versions have followed this standard MO:

You call or email for a price and get a super quote. Often 10-30% better than everyone else and including free delivery. If you don” know the industry its quite reasonable not to know that the price you have is a little too good to be true.

If you ever call, the phone always seems to go to answerphone and someone then calls you straight back. This is presumably an effort on their part to avoid calls from angry customers who have already been defrauded.

You receive a formal looking invoice with a request to pay via cleared funds in advance of delivery. On inspection of the invoice its very likely that the company reg number and VAT number are taken from a legitimate company, but this legitimate company will have nothing to do with your container sale. Their most recent iteration before this one used a very similar sounding legitimate company name to appear kosher to anyone wise enough to check on them.

We recommend looking up both the company reg and the vat number on google – before sending any payment over. If any other companies pop up, call them and ask if they know about this other company using their company reg or vat reg number. They should be able to confirm ASAP if this other outfit is legitimate or not.

If you have been scammed by this or any other website, please report it to the police as well as action fraud. You can let us know as well and we will use your info to try and help raise awareness, but we cannot report this to the authorities on your behalf.