486 Cabins and Containers

486cabinsandcontainers.com is a SCAM website

486cabinsandcontianers.co.uk has been set up we believe mid march 2019.

Update June 2019, this website has been blocked, but we often see a very similar website name pop back up a few weeks later, so take care for any very similar sounding website names.

Update April 2019 – we have 3 direct reports from victims as well as anecdotal info from the container industry that more people have been stung in the past month or so. We are adamant that this is a scam website.

It follows exactly the Same MO as other scam websites and we suspect has been set up by the same operators.

The company reg number listed on the website does trace back to 486 Ltd, but 486 Limited do not sell shipping containers. Instead they trade under Specialist Vehicle Hire (www.svh.uk.com) and one quick phone call confirms that they do not sell shipping containers. These scammers have been pretty inventive in using a company name that appears to trace back to a company with a similar name. This is likely in response to previous advice we and others have given to always perform a company AND VAT registration number search on any invoices you receive.

The address listed also belongs to 486 Ltd, and you can see a sign for SVH on the side of a building on google maps.

Once again SVH do not sell shipping containers and are not in any way involved with this scam website. They appear to the the victims of the scammers using their company info to appear legitimate.

We expect this to follow the standard MO for scam websites. You will call, you will normally or always get an answerphone message. when you leave a message about buying a shipping container someone will always call you back promptly.

The prices are good, (a little bit too good when compared to other genuine traders) often including free delivery regardless of where you are located.

If you have been scammed by this website please let us know so we can update our info here. Please also report this to action fraud ASAP. This may not offer you any immediate relief, but it will genuinely help the site get taken down a little faster, which may likely help prevent others from getting scammed as well.