Paramount Containers is a scam website,

They will take your money and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container. Please do not send any payment to paramount containers if you find this article.

Status: This website is currently inactive

This post relates to only, we understand there may be similar sounding legitimate container companies elsewhere in the world. This is now very common for the scammers to do. They take a name from a different container company in operation elsewhere as it helps make them look legitimate if you look them up online. It can also add ‘chatter’ to prevent articles like this one appearing in search results.

This we believe is the latest website following the same MO as the other scams listed on this website. the general MO is as follows:

  • If you call for a quote,  you will probably always get through to an answerphone (so they can scan your calls and cut out the angry calls from other victims)
  • You will get a professional looking written quote via email, approx 10-20% cheaper than any legitimate supplier, often offering free delivery.
  • You will receive payment instructions to send payment to their bank account. this may be a mainstream bank or a smaller payment provider.
  • The invoice you receive will likley have another companies VAT reg number and company reg number on the invoice.
    • They now routinely poach company reg numbers from very similar sounding companies to try and look legitimate if you are wise enough to check the company and VAT reg numbers.
  • We have also heard on instances where the scammers have said the payment is not clear and they have to cancel the delivery unless payment is made again.

Taking a look at some of the content on their website it is also clear that the text from this has been lifted directly from legitimate container traders websites, often including the original website or company name that the text has been copied and pasted from!

If you are speaking to paramount containers please do not send them any money, and please check our other advice on how to protect yourself from these scammers.

If you have been scammed, please report this to the police and / or action fraud and record your crime number.

We would also be very interested to hear from you but we cannot report crimes on your behalf. We are speaking to victims and trying to collate a file of evidence but this is secondary to reporting this to the authorities.