RMS Containers is a scam website

United Kingdom

Not to be confused with RMS Container Services Ltd which is a legitimate haulage company (that does not sell shipping containers)

RMS containers (RMScontainers.co.uk) is a scam site. currently this has been shut down but we have seen in the past that a variation on this name may appearĀ  again in future.

We have had numerous report in from victims for this site, if you send them money they will not send you a container, they are scammers. please beware and do not send them any money.

This follows a similar MO to the other scams listed here. a good looking website, prices that are a little better than a legitimate trader can offer, and a professional looking invoice that has VAT and company reg information stolen from the legitimate company RMS Container services ltd.

If you have sent money to RMS Containers please report this to the police and / or action fraud.

You are very welcome to get in touch as well, we are trying to record as many instances of each scam as we can/ we would like to see copies of any invoices sent over, any written instruction they have given you showing the bank details they want paying (this may be the invoice as well) and any other info that may help identify these scammers.

Please be aware we cannot make report to the police or action fraud on your behalf.