A&R Containers is a scam website | A and R Containers is a scam website

United Kingdom

A&R Containers is a scam website

Please do not send them any money, they will take your money and have no intention of supplying a shipping container

This is not to be confused with arcontainers.co.uk which we believe to be an unrelated legitmate company, if this follows the MO for other scams on tis site, the legitimate firm has had their name and address (and perhaps VAT reg and company reg numbers) stolen by the scammers to hep them look legitimate if anyone is wise enough to check their company details before sending a payment.

if you contact them you will likley always reach a voicemail and they will then call you back promptly. This helps them screen out calls from angry victims as they continue to take new orders and payments.

We have seen quotes which are offered at a rates that no legitimate trader can or would offer. We have no reports from victims as yet but we believe this is a relatively new scam site (correct 22/10/2020)

If you have been scammed, please report this to action fraud and / or the police. We cannot report crimes on your behalf.

We would also appreciate contact to help us verify this is a scam website, although we are all but cetin that this is a scam at this time, and the legitimate firm has a note up on its website to confirm this.

We would very much appreciate any copies of invoices that have bee sent to you, as well as any written instructions detailing the bank account they are asking you to pay into (this is often included on the invoice)

If you have been scammed please don’t’ blame yourself, we believe its the same group of professional criminals behind all the UK scam sites we have posted here.  They have been operating for some years with very little action from the UK authorities and have their scam down after years of practice.