KDC Containers is a scam website

United Kingdom

KDC Containers in Basildon is a scam website

KDC Containers in Basildon is a scam website, they will take your cash and have no intention of supplying a shipping container.

The address for KDC containers on their website is fake or will not lead you to real offices for this organization.

Normally these scammers will take the name for a very similar sounding company, use their address and sometimes even their VAT and company reg numbers. this helps the scammers look legitimate to anyone careful enough to check the company registrations out before sending a payment.

We have seen quotes being sent out by KDC containers way below the price a legitimate trader can or would sell at. Assuming the MO follows other similar scams you can expect the process to go along the line of:

You call or email for a quote. if you call you will always find the phone goes to voicemail and you usually get a call back very promptly. You will get a written quote via email that will be slightly better than any other quotes from legitimate firms.

If you ask for an invoice you will receive a formal looking invoice with company reg and vat reg numbers likley stolen from a legitimate company with a very similar name.

If you send them your money they will have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

If you have been scammed, please report this to action fraud and / or your local police force. We cannot report crimes on your behalf.

If you have been scammed please do not blame yourself, we believe this is the latest version of a similar scam that has been operating i the UK for a number of years. Unsurprisingly the scammers are getting very good at this.