R Wright Containers rwrightcontainers.co.uk is a scam website

United Kingdom

R Wright Containers rwrightcontainers.co.uk is a scam

R Wright Containers has been reported to us as a potential scam by multiple trade contacts and is a scam website. They will take your money and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container.

A number of reports have been received regarding people making a payment for shipping containers that do not arrive.

Te company appear to be registered at the same address as Bootle Containers, Bootle containers is a long standing, reputable container trading firm and not connected with any scam.

This appear to be a new scam, and may not follow the standard MO of other recent scam websites. Generally the scammers will offer prices that are a little too good to be true. The quotes will look genuine, andĀ  if you make an order they will issue genuine looking VAT invoices, and will simply stop responding to you once you make payment for any containers.

If you have been scammed, please report this to the policeĀ  and / or action fraud. We cannot report crimes on behalf of someone else. Its very important this happens as it will usually take a number of reports before the authorities will take any action.

We would also like to hear if you have been stung here. If you are happy to share them we will keep copies of invoices you have been sent and any communications in-case this is useful for future investigations.

Please do not blame yourself if you have been scammed here, this is very natural but you have likley been dealing with well organised, professional criminals.