Express Cabins

Express Cabins ( is a scam website

Express Cabins will take your money and have no intentions of selling you a shipping container. Please do not send express cabins any money.

This site is currently Active

This post only related to and there are likley other similar sounding legitimate companies in operation elsewhere in the world.

This site is very similar to the other scam sites and we have good reason to believe its the same gang behind this websites as nearly all other scam websites listed here.

The standard MO for this gang is as follows.

You will contact them for a quote. If you call you will likley always get through to an answer machine (and we commonly hear that the victims get a call back very promptly)  – this is to help the scammers screen calls from angry victims.

You will typically only find them via paid google adverts as their website will rank very poorly in natural search results for all common related searches.

Express Cabins will send you a professional looking quote via email, This quote will commonly be 10-20% cheaper than anyone else and will often include an option with free delivery.

If you proceed with the order, express cabins will send yo a formal looking invoice. We have not yet seen any copies but running from previous iterations of the same scam, they will send you an invoice with company reg numbers and VAT reg numbers taken from a similar sounding legitimate company. This is in part an effort by the scammers to look legitimate if you are wise enough to check out the company info before sending a payment.

The address listed on the website is a residential address in Chichester. Whilst we haven’t been here ourselves, based on previous versions of the scam this address will have nothing to do with these scammers or any legitimate business.

Please do not send any payments to express cabins.

If you have been stung by express cabins, please report this to the police and / or action fraud ASAP.  We cannot report crimes on your behalf.

Do not blame yourself – these scammers have been in operation for a number of years and are very good at this.  If you are happy to let us know as well we are collating what records and evidence we can in case this can be of use later on.