Cornwall Containers is a scam website

Please do not send any payments to these Cornwall Containers, you will not receive a shipping container or your money back.

We believe this is unrelated to Cornwall Containers Self Storage Ltd, which we believe to be an established self storage location near St Austell (This unrelated legitimate business doesn’t have a website that we know of)

Cornwall Containers website was created last week (w/c 27/01/2020) and now has paid adverts listings on google searches.

The website content and layout are near identical to the other scam websites reported here, and it has the same coding in the website leading back to the same UK based web design company that has provided services to these scammers.

This website appear to suggest a new evolution for the scammers, targeting areas further away from the shipping container network.  Prices in Cornwall will often be higher than average for a legitimate shipping container trader care of the delivery mileage from the nearest container ports (Bristol or Southampton)

We have not yet heard from any victims, but the standard MO for these scammers is as follows:

Standard MO for Cornwall Containers Scam:

You find their website, often via a paid google ad words listing which will more often that not appear right at the top of your search results (the scammers can afford to pay a lot more per click than a legitimate trader!)

You call or email for a quote, you will receive an email back with a very good price. Often £200-500 cheaper than everyone elses prices, perhaps including a free delivery option.

If you call Cornwall containers, we usually hear that your call is never answered but always goes to voicemail first, (so they can screen calls out from other victims) but we hear they nearly always call back very promptly after you leave a message.

If you book the container you will get a very formal looking invoice through, the invoice will have company registration numbers and VAT numbers that the scammers have lifted from a legitimate firms, quite likley with a similar sounding name (Cornwall Containers Self Storage Limited woudl be our bet here!) but the aim from the scammers point of view is to look legitimate if you are careful enough to do a company search on the business.

Cornwall Containers have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container. they Will take your money and run.

The Address on their website is likley completely fake and it looks like its for a Fish and Chip shop in Chichester.

If you have been scammed by Cornwall Containers:

If you have been scammed, please report this to the police and / or action fraud ASAP. We cannot report crimes on anyone elses behalf.

We would also like to hear from you. We can’t necessarily help you get your money back of solve the crime for you or the police, but we are collating a file of related cases in the hope that this can be used at a later date.

Reporting the crime may not immediately help you, but it will help the authorities get this website closed down sooner.

If you have been scammed please don’t blame yourselves. These scammers have been active for over 2 years and with multiple generations of this scam, they have got very good at it over the years.

The police appear unable to do much about this. After 4-6 weeks and lots of reports they will usually close down a site, but a new one will then pop up a few weeks later.