Green Box Container is a scam website. Please do not send these criminals any of your money. Green Box Containers will take your money with no intention of delivering a shipping container

This scam site is currently ACTIVE

Green Box Container was registered on 3rd January 2020 and currently has a google adwords campaign directing traffic to the website.

It has a lot for the same coding and a lot of the same images and stolen text as previous scam websites listed here.

This post only relates to there may be similar sounding legitimate outfits, often based in other countries. the scammers try to ‘piggyback’ off a legitimate company name to help them look legitimate, and we presume to try and make these posts less viable.

We have not yet been contacted by a victim, but based on previous reports we expect most victims to have an experience very similar to the following:

You call or email requesting a quote. they send you a professional looking email with some very good prices (often £200-500 better than any legitimate outfit can afford to offer)

If you proceed with the booking you will receive a professional looking invoice, which may have a someone else’s company and VAT registration numbers on. the scammers will often lift this information from a legitimate company with a similar sounding name, helping them look legitimate if you were to check the company reg and VAT reg numbers out before sending a payment.

If you send payment via bank transfer to the bank account they have asked you to pay into, you are very unlikely to see your money back.

If you have been scammed, please report this to action fraud and / or the police immediately. This may not help you immediately but the more people who report this, the quicker the authorities will take action.

You may wish to take this up with your bank, we understand the banks that open the accounts for these scammers are not undertaking reasonable due diligence on the scammers, and this is allowing them to obtain a bank account, often with a UK high street bank. (but we have not yet heard from anyone who has successfully pursued the banks in this way)

Please also let us know. We cannot report crimes on your behalf, but we are collating info from victims in case this can ever be used at a later date against the scammers.