Until Mid-May 2020, was a scam website, pretending to sell shipping containers. They will take your money and have no intention is supplying you with a shipping container. Please do not send them any money!.

This website is unrelated to the perfectly legitimate Seabox Limited, which operates as an NVOCC internationally. The legitimate firm will help you move your goods around the world but they will not sell you a shipping container.  The legitimate Seabox limited operates as part of the Charles Kendall Group of companies – who, once the scam was known, have now have now taken control of the Internet domain name.

Shipping Containers from is a scam website and they will not supply you with a shipping container. they will take your cash and will not provide a container in return.

the website code has similarities with all the other scam websites we have listed on this platform and we assume its the same gang of criminal behind this scam.

The standard MO. You will call or email to get a quote. If you call you will always to direct to an answerphone and someone will usually call you back promptly. This is presumably so they can screen out angry calls from other victims.

If you email or call in you will get an email back from someone with a quote. An exceptionally good quote that will often be significantly cheaper than any legitimate company can offer.

If you go ahead with the booking you will get a formal looking invoice with instruction to pay via bank transfer.

the invoice will usually have the company registration number stolen from the legitimate company, and the VAT number may be stolen from the same firm, but we have seen the scammers use any VAT number they can find in other versions of this scam.

The address on the scam website is also the address taken fro the legitimate company.

If you have been scammed, please report this to the police and action fraud immediately. we cannot make crime reports on other peoples behalf.

If you are able to send us details of any communications you have had with the scammers, including their invoice and the written instructions they sent to you telling you what bank account to pay into, we are collecting what info we can to try and put forward to the authorities.