United Kingdom


This site is currently NOT active (Correct marck 2019)

Not to be confused with which is a legitimate USA based container trading operation. is a scam site being operated by we presume a criminal gang.

Status: Taken down 24/10/18, we believe this site is now down for good, but we do expect new similar versions of the site to pop up soon with very similar names. This would follow their previous ‘MO’

This website is being operated by scammers who will issue invoices with false company registration and VAT registration numbers (until recently these have been stolen from legitimate businesses). You will send your payment but never receive a shipping container.

This site should not be confused with which we believe to be a totally legitimate outfit operating in the USA. The scammers in the UK have simply stolen this name to help add a bit of extra legitimacy. This site is not operated by any UK registered or VAT registered business. We are aware a number of people have already been scammed.

If you have already sent them payment then you will have lost your money. However, please report this to action fraud on number 1234 quoting crime reference number 1234. This will help the authorities tie together any related cases to others that have already been reported.

This report specifically relates to operating in the United Kingdom and should in no way be confused with any other similarly named companies. We have listed any companies we know with a similar name but there can very easily be others we have not mentioned.