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United Kingdom is a scam website.

Please do not send any payments to , they will take our money and have no intention of supplying you with a shipping container

This post only relates to and not any other similar website or similar sounding company that may be perfectly legitimate.

First reported by a container trader April 2022, we have not yet received any victim reports however the reasons we can be sure this is a scam site is as follows.

  • Office address copied from another legitimate organisation
  • Evidence of address masking on their Facebook Marketplace adverts through the use of VPN
  • Large parts of text copied from other websites
  • Have only used stock images
  • Website registered 6 weeks ago from date of this post

If you are speaking with about buying a shipping container please do not send them any payments. You will lose your money.

Chances are if you found this ‘company’ – you will have found some adverts with very good prices on Facebook marketplace, gumtree or another online marketplace.

If you got in touch, the person posting the advert is likely a victim themselves, they believe they are doing ‘work from home’ marketing work for a legitimate firm, we believe these posters never get paid for their work.

They will take your contact number and pass it onto the scammers, or give you the scammers email address and ask you to contact them.

Once you are dealing directly with the scammers they will offer formal looking quotes and invoices with official looking email address and website as backup to help them come across as legitimate. Often their quotes may include an offer for free delivery but they will always be much cheaper than any legitimate container company can physically offer.

If you have been scammed, please report this to the police and / or action fraud ASAP, we would also like to hear from you, and if you are happy to share a copy of the invoice they sent and the bank details they have asked you to pay into this can be very helpful. We cannot report crimes on behalf of anyone else unfortunately.