Damon Foord Rail Limited and Greg Anthony Aviation LTD

If you have received an email from someone saying they are from Damon Food Rail Limited, offering a range of shipping containers, pedestrian barriers, tower scaffolding, pallets and railway sleepers, this is a scam

We believe that Damon Foors rail limited is a company in operations and is probably unconnected with this scam, but with no publicly available contact info we cannot contact them to verify this or otherwise. (We believe the scammers will have used the legitimate company name to sound legitimate)

Here is a copy of the text we have seen in their standard email:

To Whom ever it may concern

On behalf of myself at Damon Foord Rail Ltd I am inquiring to see if you would be interested in some of our stock we have available. We are selling due to downsizing of our company and currently moving premises. 

We have 9 shipping containers in total and will sell in single units or altogether. We also have other items for sale all in mint condition.

We have: 

4 x 20ft containers mint condition   £950 per unit 
3 x 40ft containers in mint condition   £1400 per unit
2 x 30ft office container units    £1800 per unit

100 x pedestrian barriers £8 each

150 x heras fence panels £10 each feet £3 clips  £1

2 x water bowsers 2000ltr newer £1000 older £800

1 x power washer bowser 1500ltr £1600

We also have:

Boss Youngman Tower scaffolding 5.7M  £ 1000 

890 x euro pallets in all grade A condition as we have only used to have delivery of stock on the railway selling at £3 a piece

214 clean unused railway sleepers at £ 20 each

If you would be interested I can send you some photos or give our office a call to discuss any details   


[contact name]

Another email approach on this scam was as follows:

To whom it may concern
On behalf of our self’s at Greg Antony Aviation LTD we are inquiring to see if you would be interested in some stock we have for sale. We are selling due to moving premises and we just do not have the space at our new unit. We have 10 containers and 4 office containers both in different sizes, We will sell in single units or all together. We also have 2 potable water bowser and a jet wash bowser.

We have; 

6 x 20ft containers in great condition. 750 per unit

4 x 40ft containers in great condition. 1100 per unit

2 x 20ft office container units in great condition, 1400 per unit

2 x 30ft office container units in great condition, 2000 per unit

100 x pedestrian barriers  

150 x heris fence panels 

2 x water bowsers 2000ltr 

1 jet wash bowser 2000ltr 

If you would be interested we have pictures available and also we can deliver the units, We look forward to your reply.

Kind regards

The name used within the email will vary from one approach to the next.

We don’t want to give away too much about how we know this is a scam, as this may help the scammers improve their scam if and when they read our explanation.

You can email back and request photos, the photos of shipping containers are new build photos taken at the factory in China, and were not taken at a UK address.

We believe this is unrelated to the other scams being tracked on this page,

This is a new scam just doing the rounds, so we assume company names and names of individuals will change. However in each case if you search for the company name, whilst it looks to be a registered company there is no website, and no publicly available listings with contact info for the company. This is very rare for any businesses that wished to deal with the public or approach people for business to business sales.

If you see a similar scam with the names changed please let us know so that we can track and publish the names they are using for this scam.